Top News Is a scam?

We all know that the internet is full of wonderful information and also a lot of scams and nonsense. We uncover some dubious issues that make us question If you visit the site you’ll find a long list of articles that appear to have been published for purely altruistic purposes. In these articles the unnamed site admin (who have only an email address as contact details) p .... Top 26 signs he’s cheating on you

If you think your man might be cheating, there’s a good chance you’re right – or at least that he’s not committed to the relationship. Here are a few tell-tale hints from Cosmopolitan Magazine that might confirm your suspicions. 1. He says he’s not ready for a relationship and he’s being saying so from the start. Yes, he might treat you nicely most of the time and you might think th ....

Loblaws undermies Shoppers Drug Mart with Horrible Butter

( -- When Shoppers Drug Mart was taken over by Loblaw Companies Limited thereby expanding the available product range to include a greater variety of fresh produce, many consumers welcomed the move. Research published in the Journal of Marketing Research showed that there is a trend towards choosing smaller outlets rather than large hypermarkets among shoppers. However, as f ....

UFO and Aliens: Canadian News Wire Launches Funding Drive

Do you believe in UFO’s? Are you, like many others, convinced that we can’t be alone in space? Do you sometimes wonder if information about UFOs and aliens is being hidden from you by mainstream news networks? You aren’t alone in asking these questions and your concerns are shared by many. Despite the enormous public interest in topics related to UFOs and aliens, and the fact that there are .... Reviews: 10 Things That Ruin Casual Dating

It’s all very well to fall head over heels in love on the first date when you’re just a teenager, but adult dating involves a more measured, mature approach. Adult daters usually prefer to begin with casual dating even if they are looking for a life partner. As an adult, you’re aware that you’re probably going to meet quite a few ladies who could be described as Ms Nice but not for you bef ....

Ottawa Gets New Dating Site --

If you’re looking for that special person to share your life with, you may just meet them online. Statistics show that up to one third of recently married couples met online, usually through online dating sites. There are also studies that seem to indicate that couples who met online are happier and more likely to stay together. Recommended link: <a href=" .... Reviews: Six Pick-up Lines to Make Her Smile

Success in casual dating depends a lot on the way your present yourself. Due to the presence of genuine casual dating sites like online dating is not very difficult. However, you need to be confident and also ensure that your make a good impression if you want to find a date online. You should even be careful about the pickup line you use. Pickup lines are important as yYour initial .... Reviews: How to Know She's Into Me

When you use the services of, chances are you will meet a great girl to go out on a date with. However, when you go on a date with her, you may be not sure if she is into you. There are a few signs that can make you understand if she is interested in you at all. If She's Doing One Of These Ten Things, Chances Are You're Getting Lucky Tonight Here's the situation, you've met this rea ....

Top Dating Profile Tips for Guys

Thanks to sites like, casual dating is no longer difficult. However, if you want to be successful in online dating, you need to create a good profile. The profile is your gateway to the virtual world of dating. It will help you to create a first impression on the members of the dating site. Hence, you need to make sure that your profile is as attractive as possible. When sifting thro .... Reviews: Why Ladies Should Date Feminist Guys

Girls these days are very busy and do not find the time to socialize. Hence, they have to take the help of the Internet to find a date. Dating sites like offer them with the opportunity to easily find men to date. However, ladies if you are not dating feminist guys, you are doing it wrong. Dating feminist guys can not only be fun but will also ensure that you get the respect you deser .... Reviews - Dating Tips for Introverted Guys

People, looking for a romantic rendezvous online, now have access to new and innovative dating sites thanks to This site provides people with an opportunity to get involved with other adults on the internet. These sites make casual dating easier for people. However, people can still make many mistakes that can ruin their chances of success in casual dating. The dating scene isn't en .... Reviews: Why Men Break-up During the Holidays

You can easily find a casual date on genuine dating sites like However, as the holiday season approaches, you should know that men tend to act weird during the holidays. Research has shown that there are certain times of the year when men are more likely to split up with their girlfriends – usually, during Christmas or Easter. So, why do they do that? NBC Researchers discovered th .... Reviews - Top 10 signs You Should Ask Him Out

How you feel about a guy can be a good indicator that you want to be with him. If you are into casual dating, you can try sites like but if you just like one of your friends, you should read this to know if you should ask him out. 1. You like telling him everything about you – you share everything with him and even if it is just dumb. Not just that, you even share details about you ....