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Cite Libre cover page The rejuvenated Cite Libre is Canada's eclectic not-for-profit and investigative magazine which re-embraces the free-spiritedness and social consciousness of Canada during the late-1960's. This magazine seeks to feature comprehensive news analysis, current affairs coverage, and critical commentaries.

Cite Libre magazine seeks to challenge the "fluff" and reactionary journalism that has developed across Canada as a result of take-overs by a handful of large corporations. Cite Libre seeks to help re-inspire independent magazine journalism that seeks to serve the public interest in a democracy, and help to also renew the kind of critical thinking toward progressive social change, in Canada, and internationally, that had been prevalent during the 1960's.

In the process, Cite Libre seeks also to help re-inspire Canada's former vital spirit of progressiveness, and economic nationalism, through and avant-garde and liberated media coverage. Such coverage has been undermined through corporate take-overs, and the detrioration of journalistic independence that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) had enjoyed in the late 1960's, as a national public broadcaster.

Pierre Trudeau at the Liberal Party Leadership Convention on 6 April 1968