From a cop to the Real estate Office

Police officers deserve the upmost respect from anybody, they’re the people who put their lives on the line every single day in order to keep us safe. Sometimes people take this for granted, especially when they forget to realize that somebody has to maintain order within our society, without order it would just be complete chaos all around. For those who don’t take police officers granted we salute you, just as the police officers would to their superiors! If there’s one other industry that plays an important role in our society today that isn’t police work, it’s definitely got to be the real estate field. People need houses to live in, it’s as simple as that, which means the demand for a reputable realtor (or in many cases a high-quality piece of property) is quite high at this time.   Property investments are one of the largest things you could do with your money on this planet, which is why a reputable hand helping you is absolutely necessary if you want to see positive results.

Sunil Tulsiani was originally a police officer within the Ontario Provincial Police Department. This particular department was responsible for the security of most GTA areas, and Sunil was an officer with them for about 15 years. His experience with intense and nerve-racking situations gives him an upper hand, as realty can be a difficult game to play at certain times. Sunil loved what he was doing for the community as a police officer, and although he was happy with his role within the force he didn’t feel as if he was spending enough time with his family (there are also multiple other factors resulting in his departure from the force, such as wanting to pursue greater things). Sunil has a beautiful wife and two lovely children he holds close to him, so it was only right that he go on to pursue something he really felt he would be great at.

The year of 2005 was when Sunil decided to invest into property, he made his first investments on a group of discounted properties (meaning properties that were being sold relatively cheap). In his first year making investments Sunil had purchased about 77 different properties, and as a result he was the first police officer in the Toronto area to become a millionaire! Not all stories are going to be as successful as this one, which is exactly why Sunil Tulsiani is the perfect choice for anybody trying to have their property sold at a fair price (or even purchased at a fair price!). During his first year Sunil had absolutely no experience (let alone connections and the other extras that come along with being experience) under his belt, yet he was still able to invest in 77 different properties and create a profit. In some people’s minds, it’s almost as if Sunil was meant to be a real estate guru from the very beginning!

On top of his initial success as a property investor, Sunil has also gone off and been successful in multiple other endeavours as well. For example, he is a best-selling author (as well as a public speaker and a perfect real estate mentor). As if these successful ventures weren’t enough, Sunil even went on to create the well-renowned Real Estate Investment Club (as well as the Private Investment Club) within the Toronto area. This is a club of real estate investors that can only be reached by the “elite”, this is just another trait to show you how important Sunil has been to the property business within Toronto. There are plenty of real estate investors out there, but none of them can get the job done quite like Sunil can. As a result, he’s one of the more known names around Toronto and the GTA area, and it’s clearly for a good reason!

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