Tricks for smarter spending

(NC) The holidays are a time for attending parties, hosting dinners, and finally fixing up those small home repairs. A rewards credit card can help maximize your spending and help keep budgets on track.

Choosing the right credit card is important. We all have different perks preferences and some credit cards benefit travel while others help with your grocery bill. Finding the right one for you will maximize your spending and help you get what you need or want faster.

“If you have a family or you are hosting a holiday dinner party, saving on groceries is likely a top priority,” says Sandra Hanna of the Smart Cookies blog. “The PC Financial World Elite MasterCard earns you 30 PC points for every dollar you spend at Loblaw banner stores like Shoppers Drug Mart that you can redeem for free groceries or hostess gifts.”

Purchasing gift cards for the places you regularly shop or for a store you know you are going to visit will maximize spending by earning you loyalty points. Leveraging every dollar from daily spending on things like groceries and items for the home add up and earning loyalty points on things we're already spending money on is a smart way to shop.

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