A clear path to setting up your child for success

(NC) When kids return to school, it usually comes with the routine of extracurricular activities and many school assignments. Parents can set up their kids for success by buying new school supplies and replacing outgrown sports equipment. However, in the busy mornings of packing lunches and school drop offs, some parents may have overlooked a key component of their child's performance both in the classroom and on the field — their eyes.

“Vision is key to a child's success, as your child might have trouble seeing the board and computer screen clearly or focusing on the ball,” explains Ben Rutten, a registered optician at the Real Canadian Superstore. “Parents should get their child's eyes tested every year because a child might not realize they can't see clearly and assume everyone sees the same way they do.”

Cost is often a barrier to a child seeing correctly, however many provincial programs cover an annual eye exam for children up to 18 years of age.

Another resource is the Kids See Free program, available year-round in optical departments in many Loblaw grocery stores. It helps to reduce the cost for clear vision by providing children ages four to 10 with any frame valued up to $49 with single vision, polycarbonate “kids safe” lenses for free.

A regular eye exam can often be the difference between success and failure for a child. Don't wait to get your child's eyes tested. Licensed optometrists are available in stores across the country. Visit loblawstores.ca to find the closest optical department to you.


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