Safe and healthy food, thanks to pesticides

(NC) It can be confusing to read signs and labels at the grocery store. From “organic” to “natural” to “GMO-free,” there is so much information about food available.

What none of these labels provide is information on the most important element of our food system — safety. Canada has one of the safest food supplies in the world.

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ensure the foods we consume are safe for us to eat. Part of this responsibility includes monitoring foods for contaminants and residues to ensure that they are always well below any level that could pose a health concern. This includes regular tests for pesticide residues.

Fruits and vegetables in particular are important for a balanced diet. CFIA's data show more than 98 per cent of Canadian-grown produce is in compliance with Health Canada residue levels. Most produce does not have any detectable residues at all. The levels are set well below the amount that could cause human harm.

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