7 Types of Construction Cranes and Their Functions

In construction projects, there are different types of cranes utilised, each with their respective purpose. A crane is defined as a piece of heavy equipment – a platform or a tower that has pulleys attached to it. Cranes are used to lift heavy objects in construction areas. Crane operators must have a clear understanding and knowledge of handling different types of cranes, depending on the project they are doing. Here are the 7 types of cranes and how they are utilised under various circumstances and projects.

  1. Overhead Crane. An overhead crane is also commonly called a bridge crane. It has parallel runways with a portable bridge.  It moves at points along elevated tracks, which are typically mounted at the edge of an assembly. It offers quality, effectiveness, and dependability for your facility.
  2. Truck Mounted Crane. A truck mounted crane is used for lifting heavy objects. It provides superior elevating performance, easier operation, versatility, and unmatched safety features.
  3. Rough Terrain Crane. The crane is installed on an undercarriage. It is made to be used on rough terrain and is composed of a single engine, a self-propelled engine which is used to control and operate the undercarriage and the crane.
  4. Telescopic Crane. A telescopic crane is flexible and attached to height adjustments. It is commonly seen in ports because it is easier to operate for cargo transfers. Water-powered systems stretch out or retract the tubes to extend or shorten the boom. A telescopic crane is commonly used in daily hauling projects.
  5. Tower Crane. A tower crane is considered a modernised balance crane. It is mounted to a concrete ground base and provides a dynamic combo of lifting and elevating capacity. It is commonly used in the construction of skyscrapers.
  6. Loader Crane. It can be powered by electricity or hydraulics. It has an articulated arm equipped with a trailer. It is also known as a knuckle-boom crane. It is usually seen on offshore vessels and offers solid spaces for cargo. A loader crane can be efficiently transported because of its flexibility.
  7. Mobile Cranes. It is mounted on a rubber-tyred truck or a crawler and is controlled by cables. This is the essential type of crane and comprises a steel, telescopic boom attached on a mobile surface. This platform could be rails. The boom is pivoted at the base and can be lifted or brought down by cables or pressure-powered barrels.

Cranes are a typical sight at any job site and construction project that requires heavy lifting or transporting heavy loads onto elevated areas. Using the appropriate crane on a certain task is important for you to have a less hassle. Check out Crane Hire in Lincoln and see the types of cranes you can rent for your construction project.

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