5 ways to have legitimate good phone sex

Phone sex is an amazing element in spicing up any couple's sex life, as it helps explore fantasies and strengthen bonds. However, quite a number of people miss out on its benefits due to their inability to legitimately engage in it for fear of "getting it wrong".

Here are 5 ways in which you can have amazing phone sex with your partner:

1.  Plan for the occasion

An important ingredient for good phone sex is privacy. Planning ahead for that special time with your partner helps you avoid scenarios where a housemate or a friend barges into you during the peak of your phone sex session.

Choose a suitable time for both of you and afford yourself enough time to get in the mood.

2.  Work on your appearance

While there would be no visual interaction, dressing for the occasion would make the experience quite memorable. Not only would it boost your confidence by making you feel sexy, it'll aid you during your descriptions.

3.  Be imaginative

Phone sex is a time to explore your imagination and release those fantasies. Your literally limitless and can assume any character and location in the world.

If there's any sexual experience you've always wanted to try, phone sex is a great to actualize those ideas. Sex toys could even be included to heighten the fun.

4.  Don't hold back on the dirty words

Most people struggle with this part, especially those who are used to such language. This makes the caller feel quite uncomfortable and affects the overall quality of the phone sex session.

However, practice makes perfect. Start little and build on your dirty talk skills.

5.  Be sure to have an orgasm

This is actually a key moment that is often ignored by most couples. An orgasm is the icing on the phone sex cake, and perfectly ends the session. An orgasm gives both couples something to think about when next they decide to try again.

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