Justin Trudeau: Activist CONDEMNS PM after fresh controversy - 'I want man-to-man apology'

CANADA Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has faced more controversy after a black student and activist claimed he was a victim of racial profiling before a meeting with the politician.

Trayvone Clayton, a criminology student at St Mary’s University, has rejected Mr Trudeau’s offer of an apology after a member of his office referred to him and his group as being “dark-skinned”. Mr Clayton, 20, alleged he and his group, who are also black, were escorted out of the Prime Minister’s Parliament Hill being for being too loud in the canteen. He had now demanded a face-to-face apology from Mr Trudeau, and said he has been a victim of racial profiling. He said: “I'm looking for a legit man-to-man apology and 100 per cent respect.”

When asked about the incident in the cafeteria, he denied that he and his party been acting noisily before member of the prime minister’s team referred to them as “dark skinned” while answering a complaint made about them, he claims.

Mr Clayton said: “But they weren't though, they were just — it's a cafeteria. You're obviously going to hear talking in the cafeteria anywhere you go.

“We're not coming to the Parliament building to disrespect anyone or cause any ruckus or a bunch of noise. We're coming here to basically share our thoughts and get things off our chest to speak ... and get the chance to speak to ministers.

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