Bottle feeding: 3 essential tips for new moms

(NC) Did you know the average baby feeds around six times a day? That's 42 times a week or 2,184 times a year. But feeding time is about more than just nourishment — it is a ritual that shapes a baby's overall well-being and happiness, while offering a special time for moms to bond with their little ones.

However, busy schedules mean you can't always breastfeed when your baby is hungry, so follow these tips to help you maintain a close bond and give your little one a familiar, natural feeding experience even when using a bottle.

Set a familiar scene. Create a familiar environment for fuss-free feedings, like having a favourite blanket or plush toy nearby for baby to touch while feeding. Singing their favourite song will keep baby entertained while adjusting room lighting will create a sense of calm during mealtime.

Recreate the sensation. Babies rely on their sense of touch to understand and learn from the world around them. During feedings, feeling a bottle rather than mom could put off even the best of little appetites. Look for bottles like the NUK Simply Natural Bottle, which is modelled after the shape of mom's breast to provide the perfect fit for their mouth. The nipple moves flexibly with baby's mouth to ensure a continuous latch and is made with extra soft silicone for a comfortable and natural feed.

Stick to the schedule. A switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding can make even voracious eaters fussy, so account for a potentially longer feeding time until baby is comfortable with changes. Ensuring baby has time to understand and adjust to new feedings will make the experience enjoyable and easier for everyone.

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