Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.

By Peter Tremblay

ISBN: 978-1-927538-49-4

Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst takes us on a journey from the alleged corruption revealed by former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould to alien manipulation in the guise of human faces. Such manipulation that has been reported by different reliable sources which include Dr. Michael Salla and the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer.

In this book, Peter Tremblay uses judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case to substantiate the apparent existence of alien manipulation through strategically placed Archons.

It was John Lash who had documented in Metahistory.org ancient Pagan Gnostic insights of the Archons as an 'artificial intelligence' which is the product of cloning technology.

Have we as humans yet to come in contact with other sentient life forms in our universe as the elites would have us believe?

In mountains of evidence that this is simply not the case, veteran investigative journalist Peter Tremblay who has worked for former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, brings together journalistic reports on a co-ordinated and apparent conspiracy among manipulative aliens and their Archon fronts. Such “Archons” appear to operate as "fifth columns" embedded within the police, the judiciary, and other institutions of governance in a similar way that terrorists can operate "sleeper cells" within various organizations.

Through judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case that have been documented by various investigative journalists who have worked with Peter Tremblay, the operation of aliens through their Archons are revealed. This book documents a path of alien manipulation and intrigue in relation to Dezrin Carby-Samuels along with her husband Horace Carby-Samuels and the efforts of theirson to seek a pursue of his mother’s liberation from apparent Archons.

Ms Carby-Samuels has been subjected to apparent forcible confinement under an apparent regressive alien paralysis which has resulted in her not being able to walk, talk or write anymore.

Peter Tremblay has worked many years in government right up to Minister’s Offices and also with all major Canadian political parties and has observed a pattern of manipulation which seems to subvert our human identity as beings of love, empathy and peace into a context of corruption through a system of justice that this book documents.

As this book reveals, the corruption which played out in the Canadian Justice system through the SNC-Lavalin Scandal between the Offices of the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice is only the tip of the iceberg or a sea of apparent corruption which undermines the desire of Canadians to pursue a society based upon social justice, ethics, due process and the rule of law.

In general, it is apparent that our world has little help to realize a desire of the values of our democracy and the environmental protection as long as these reported regressive aliens are allowed to infiltrate power structures in a manner which conflicts with our values as forward-thinking human beings.

Make Your Own anti-inflammatory Nutmeg Facial Cleanser to Combat Acne


You might already know how much better nutmeg can make meals, but did you know that it can have a similarly positive effect on your skin? That’s right – the same spice that lends that homemade warmth to everything from pumpkin bread to béchamel can work wonders on your complexion.

In fact, nutmeg is the star ingredient in an anti-inflammatory facial cleanser that you can make at home. There are a lot of reasons that homemade skincare products are superior to their store-bought counterparts. Even if you’re not too worried about your budget, you should be very concerned about the disturbing amount of toxic ingredients these products often contain – some of which might not even appear on the label.

As a matter of fact, thousands of so-called “organic” beauty products were recently found to contain chemicals that have been banned. The Environmental Working Group found that many of these products contained dangerous or hidden ingredients much in the same way that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, uncovered hidden toxic ingredients in popular foods in his book, Food Forensics.

You can’t trust beauty product labels

The FDA does not have an official definition of the word “organic” as it pertains to cosmetics, which means that brands can get creative with their labels in order to deceive customers. A product that says it is made with 100% organic ingredients, for example, might only contain one or two organic ingredients. While those one or two ingredients might indeed be fully organic, there could be any number of other synthetic or downright toxic ingredients in that same product.

This is why making your own skincare products is ideal. It only takes a few minutes to whip up some very effective skincare treatments, and there’s a good chance you already have many of the necessary ingredients on hand. You can experiment with ratios to see what works best for your particular skin type, and you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything you are placing on your body’s biggest organ is truly natural and organic.

Healing Nutmeg Facial Cleanser Recipe

The following facial cleanser is great for reducing inflammation and combating acne, thanks largely to the inclusion of nutmeg. Chinese medicine uses nutmeg to treat inflammation from arthritis and joint pains, and it’s those same anti-inflammatory abilities that can help it make your pimples a lot less noticeable. It also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it well suited to curbing infections and clogged pores.

While any ground nutmeg will do, freshly ground nutmeg is more potent than the bottled variety.  Nutmeg is also pretty good for you when taken internally. It can clear up digestive troubles, help with sleep, improve your blood circulation and boost brain function, so make yourself some tea and add a bit of this powerful herb!

The lactic acid in the yogurt will exfoliate your dead skin cells without irritating them and also help brighten your complexion, while the honey will hydrate your skin. Like nutmeg, it’s also antimicrobial. Manuka honey is an ideal cleansing ingredient because it’s soothing in addition to moisturizing. The apple cider vinegar is used to help to remove dirt and makeup from your skin and serves as an astringent, while the clove oil is great at clearing up acne thanks to the antiseptic action of the eugenol it contains.


1 tsp nutmeg
2 tsp baking soda
3 tbsp raw honey
1 tbsp plain organic yogurt
2-3 drops of clove oil
2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar


Mix the nutmeg and baking soda together in a small bowl. Add the honey and yogurt and stir until the dry ingredients are fully incorporated. Add the clove oil and apple cider vinegar.

Apply this mixture to your face and leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

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