Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.

By Peter Tremblay

ISBN: 978-1-927538-49-4

Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst takes us on a journey from the alleged corruption revealed by former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould to alien manipulation in the guise of human faces. Such manipulation that has been reported by different reliable sources which include Dr. Michael Salla and the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer.

In this book, Peter Tremblay uses judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case to substantiate the apparent existence of alien manipulation through strategically placed Archons.

It was John Lash who had documented in Metahistory.org ancient Pagan Gnostic insights of the Archons as an 'artificial intelligence' which is the product of cloning technology.

Have we as humans yet to come in contact with other sentient life forms in our universe as the elites would have us believe?

In mountains of evidence that this is simply not the case, veteran investigative journalist Peter Tremblay who has worked for former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, brings together journalistic reports on a co-ordinated and apparent conspiracy among manipulative aliens and their Archon fronts. Such “Archons” appear to operate as "fifth columns" embedded within the police, the judiciary, and other institutions of governance in a similar way that terrorists can operate "sleeper cells" within various organizations.

Through judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case that have been documented by various investigative journalists who have worked with Peter Tremblay, the operation of aliens through their Archons are revealed. This book documents a path of alien manipulation and intrigue in relation to Dezrin Carby-Samuels along with her husband Horace Carby-Samuels and the efforts of theirson to seek a pursue of his mother’s liberation from apparent Archons.

Ms Carby-Samuels has been subjected to apparent forcible confinement under an apparent regressive alien paralysis which has resulted in her not being able to walk, talk or write anymore.

Peter Tremblay has worked many years in government right up to Minister’s Offices and also with all major Canadian political parties and has observed a pattern of manipulation which seems to subvert our human identity as beings of love, empathy and peace into a context of corruption through a system of justice that this book documents.

As this book reveals, the corruption which played out in the Canadian Justice system through the SNC-Lavalin Scandal between the Offices of the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice is only the tip of the iceberg or a sea of apparent corruption which undermines the desire of Canadians to pursue a society based upon social justice, ethics, due process and the rule of law.

In general, it is apparent that our world has little help to realize a desire of the values of our democracy and the environmental protection as long as these reported regressive aliens are allowed to infiltrate power structures in a manner which conflicts with our values as forward-thinking human beings.

Big Pharma’s Synthetic Cannabis P:ills are Killing People … Yet Authentic Marijuana is Still Criminalized


Leave it to Big Pharma to find a way to turn a natural, effective, plant-based healing substance into something patentable and deadly.

That’s right; the guys in the pharmaceutical labs are so desperate to develop a drug that delivers the same therapeutic benefits as cannabis – under their own exclusive money-making patent, of course – that they don’t mind if a few people die along the way.

That’s what happened last year in France, when a clinical trial involving a synthesized laboratory drug designed to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid receptor system left six people hospitalized, one of whom was later declared brain-dead.

The pharmaceutical industry has long been in the business of isolating or synthesizing the active ingredients of medicinal plants and patenting the resulting drugs so that huge profits can be made, and they often look to governments to aid them in obtaining exclusive rights and eliminating competition.

From True Activist:

“[W]hen government-connected industries wish to shut out their competition, which in this case is a plant, they lean on the state’s ability to stifle competition through claiming a right to the intellectual property behind a particular set of ingredients – otherwise known as a patent.

“Since no one can patent a wild plant, pharmaceutical industries turn to their labs and chemistry to recreate nature.”

But to reproduce the wide-ranging and nearly-miraculous therapeutic properties of cannabis in a laboratory is no simple task. The effects of cannabis on the human body are very complex, and there are many active compounds contained within the plant.

Scientists have only recently discovered what is called the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), and it’s the key to how and why cannabis works so well to alleviate pain and even cure many illnesses.

From Reset.me:

“Cannabis medications work so efficiently because of the endocannabinoid (EC) system, present in all humans and many animals as well. This system consists of a series of receptors that are configured only to accept cannabinoids, especially tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).” (RELATED: See more news about cannabidiol at CBDs.news)

The way this system works is just beginning to be understood, and the death and hospitalizations that occurred as one drug company rushed to test its own lab-based synthetic ECS stimulant is a testament to the fact that we simply don’t understand the endogenous cannabinoid system well enough yet to begin subjecting humans to experimental drugs designed to affect it.

What we do know, however, is that the “whole” cannabis plant delivers all of the therapeutic benefits, without any dangerous side effects.

That fact scares the hell out of the pharmaceutical industry, because they are seeing people discarding pain pills and other drugs in favor of a natural remedy that costs nothing to grow.

That’s also why Big Pharma is continuing to put pressure on the government to keep marijuana classified as a dangerous drug and to stifle research into the use of the natural plant as opposed to dangerous, government-approved chemical drug research and development.

Fortunately, the prohibition of marijuana is failing. As more and more studies confirm the therapeutic benefits of the plant itself, and the old attitudes and stigma regarding marijuana begin to fade into the past, it will be difficult to continue convincing the public that the plant should be outlawed and that only government-approved chemical cannabis substitutes should be made available.

But the battle isn’t over yet. We, as citizens, must continue to demand the right to have access to cannabis and to be able to grow it at home. Until the federal government completely legalizes marijuana and removes it from the list of controlled substances, the fight isn’t over.

Big Pharma’s chemical version of cannabis is not an acceptable substitute for the real thing.





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