Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst.

By Peter Tremblay

ISBN: 978-1-927538-49-4

Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst takes us on a journey from the alleged corruption revealed by former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould to alien manipulation in the guise of human faces. Such manipulation that has been reported by different reliable sources which include Dr. Michael Salla and the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer.

In this book, Peter Tremblay uses judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case to substantiate the apparent existence of alien manipulation through strategically placed Archons.

It was John Lash who had documented in Metahistory.org ancient Pagan Gnostic insights of the Archons as an 'artificial intelligence' which is the product of cloning technology.

Have we as humans yet to come in contact with other sentient life forms in our universe as the elites would have us believe?

In mountains of evidence that this is simply not the case, veteran investigative journalist Peter Tremblay who has worked for former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, brings together journalistic reports on a co-ordinated and apparent conspiracy among manipulative aliens and their Archon fronts. Such “Archons” appear to operate as "fifth columns" embedded within the police, the judiciary, and other institutions of governance in a similar way that terrorists can operate "sleeper cells" within various organizations.

Through judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case that have been documented by various investigative journalists who have worked with Peter Tremblay, the operation of aliens through their Archons are revealed. This book documents a path of alien manipulation and intrigue in relation to Dezrin Carby-Samuels along with her husband Horace Carby-Samuels and the efforts of theirson to seek a pursue of his mother’s liberation from apparent Archons.

Ms Carby-Samuels has been subjected to apparent forcible confinement under an apparent regressive alien paralysis which has resulted in her not being able to walk, talk or write anymore.

Peter Tremblay has worked many years in government right up to Minister’s Offices and also with all major Canadian political parties and has observed a pattern of manipulation which seems to subvert our human identity as beings of love, empathy and peace into a context of corruption through a system of justice that this book documents.

As this book reveals, the corruption which played out in the Canadian Justice system through the SNC-Lavalin Scandal between the Offices of the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice is only the tip of the iceberg or a sea of apparent corruption which undermines the desire of Canadians to pursue a society based upon social justice, ethics, due process and the rule of law.

In general, it is apparent that our world has little help to realize a desire of the values of our democracy and the environmental protection as long as these reported regressive aliens are allowed to infiltrate power structures in a manner which conflicts with our values as forward-thinking human beings.

Prevent Food Poisoning with These 4 Tips


(NC) Did you know that about 1 in 8 Canadians get sick every year from foodborne illness? Many of these cases go unreported because symptoms are similar to those of the stomach flu. The most common symptoms are stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches and fever.

Fortunately, most cases of food poisoning can be easily prevented by following a few simple steps:

1. Clean. Clean anything that comes into contact with food, including your hands, kitchen surfaces and utensils, and reusable grocery bags. Use soap and warm water to wash your hands. You can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Fruits and vegetables should also be washed under running water that's safe to drink.

2. Separate. To avoid cross-contamination, always separate raw foods like raw meat and eggs from ready-to-eat foods like cooked meat and vegetables. Put raw meat, poultry, fish and seafood in sealed containers, or in plastic bags on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator. That way their juices won't drip onto other food.

3. Cook. Always cook food to a safe internal temperature. You can check this by using a digital food thermometer. Meat, poultry, fish and seafood should be cooked within two to three days of purchase. If you don't plan to cook it within this time, it should be frozen. Remember, you can't tell if food is safe by its smell, taste or colour. When in doubt, throw it out.

4. Chill. One of the most important things to remember is to keep cold food cold and hot food hot. This keeps it from reaching the “temperature danger zone” between 4˚C and 60˚C (40˚F and 140˚F). Defrost raw meat, poultry and fish in the refrigerator or the microwave, or immerse it in cold water that's replaced every 30 minutes. Never defrost at room temperature. Foods defrosted in the microwave should be cooked immediately. Don't refreeze thawed food.

Find more information online at Canada.ca/FoodSafety.